Frequently Asked Questions


These are the frequently asked questions from job seekers and recruiters pertaining to Registration, Payment, posting, recruitment and any other question related to this job searching website. Our team has come together to provide adequate answers to these questions so that you will have a stress free access to our services.

About DaViral Jobs

  • DaViral Jobs is a job searching platform that gives Jobseekers the oportunity to apply for their dream career and gives employers a place to reach a larger targeted audience.
  • The site has made everything easy for both Employers and jobseekers which means even registration is free. To register, click on 'Join Us'  at the top right corner of the home page  as an employer click on 'Employer' as a Job Seeker click on 'candidate' then fill in your details.
  • Your personal information and contact details are only used for the purpose stated in the Terms of Use.
  • Login to your account then fill in the details and upload essential documents

  • keeping your database updated is important because recruiters check your profile to ensure you have the requirements they need.

  • Not all most services on this website are free except for special offers 
  • If you are having difficulty signing into your account and you cannot reset your password, then you might want to Contact Us 

  • Click forgot password then a mail will be sent to you for you to reset your password.
  • Asides job recruitment we also provide CV and resume packages, Job news and career advises.

  • You can use any device that can browse the internet.


  • First of all, click on the job title and follow the directions for applying in the selected listing. If you have questions about an application you have submitted, you should contact the employer directly
  • Your Resume and CV will be sent to the recruiter then you wait for a response from them.
  • Not at all, we do not a business with you and your employee after employment except you are in need of job.

  • On the site, type what you want to search in the search bar. We also have customized filters to guide you when using the search functionality.

  • All actions pertaining to down listing and applying for jobs are done by the candidate, we only give updates about job vacancies in different organizations.

  • We give job news that will guide you against being a victim and our site. Moreover, DaViral Jobs chances of posting scam jobs is less than 1%.

  • There are some jobs you can  apply for without being a registered member of DaViral Jobs but you need to be a registered member to have access to all jobs.
  • You can apply for as many jobs as possible just ensure you are qualified.
  • The recruiter will contact you via your phone number or email provided in your profile details and if you are not being contacted then you keep on trying.
  • Always refresh the home page to see the recently updated jobs.

  • Login to your dashboard and change your preference.

Job Posting Issues

  • First of all, get a good job advert, you can use some of our job description templates listing the exact type of talent needed.
  • If you are sure you posted the ad then you need to contact our customer care.
  • We don't delete job ads so when you have gotten the right candidates you can delete it.

  • Featured job posts hides your email which allows you better organize your applications and not clog your inbox reaching the right audience while the regular posts allows candidates send CVs and Resume directly to your email.
  • Login to Employer's dashboard and change the information you need to update meanwhile, you need to contact the Customer care if you want to change your Company's name.

  • You cannot change the name of a job posting after it has been approved and posted.
  • Creating a job ad is simple, simply follow the steps in this link    or call our customer care.

  • If you do not want your company's name to show in your job ad then you need to upgrade to a paid ad posting.

  • Please wait for 6 hours on workdays for paid advert and 24 hours for free job ads before contacting customer care.

  • Create an employer account then you can start posting job vacancies

CV and Resume writing

  • We have experienced professionals in  different fields to handle it. Always keeping in mind that our Customers are our topmost priority
  • If you hardly get called for Jobs interview or have not updated your CV for one year then you do need our services.
  • We do not submit CV but you can by checking job vacancies and apply for jobs that matches your interest.

  • No, we do not offer that service but you can use our CV builder to create a CV template.

  • You can pay through bank transfer or online then you send us your email which includes your CV and any other information you think we should know.
  • Your Resume can be created without physical contact depends on which you prefer.

  • Your CV can be sent to your email in PDF or Microsoft Word or to your physical address which have to be requested for specially and extra payment.

  • It is based on our time frame. Immediately the first draft is done it will be sent to you for feedback until the project timeframe.

  • Once you apply for CV creation your CV writer will contact you.

Recruitment Services

  • The job offers can be temporary or permanent depending on the job offer.
  • we have a good team that will help you select the right people for your business without stressing you.

  • That should not be problem because we are always available to help all you have to do is to send a message to us asking for help.
  • Yes, we do not discriminate due to sex, age, religion or race.

  • Our team who are specialists in various Fields will help in recruiting in different industries.
  • We offer a variety of staffing solutions for companies including Executive Search, Graduate Recruitment, Student Talent Hunt, and Blue Collar Hire.


  • We only charge Recruiters for recruiting candidates.

  • No, the money does not expire.

Plans that grow with your business

jobcareer clients have the capacity to look over five appealing, Use based arrangements. jobcareer clients have
the capacity to look over five appealing, Use based arrangements. Charging is month to month.

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